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Moora Citrus does the Moora Show

Moora Citrus has been involved in the Moora Show ever since we grew our first orange. But this year, we took it to the next level and became a major sponsor of the event!

Events like the Moora Show are integral for regional communities. They showcase the agricultural produce, provide entertainment and perhaps most importantly, they bring everyone together for a social catch up. The Show program has modernised over the years and we now attract visitors from towns near and far. In 2016, Moora hosted it’s 105th Show, not even missing a beat during either World Wars or when the town was devastated by flooding in 1999 – a true testament to the resilience of the community.

Moora Citrus recognises that we’re a big part of the community and we love that people get just as excited about our oranges and mandarins as we do. The Moora Show is just one way we are able to connect directly with our proud and local Moora Citrus ambassadors.

Moora Citrus sponsored a number of categories in the show exhibits, including arts and crafts.


The students from St Joseph’s Primary School embraced the citrus theme and created some particularly juicy and interesting critters and creatures!

file3       file1-1       file-1

We also exhibited a number of the classroom workbooks that the school students had developed during Term 3, including a hands on tour of the orchard. Click here to read more.

Every single one of the Moora Citrus orchard staff came to the Moora Show and helped out in our disply – from making freshly sqeezed OJ, whipping up choc orange mousse, giving away orange helium balloons or helping show attendees with the ‘guess the number of oranges’ competition.

All-in-all, we thoroughly enjoyed being out amongst the community and sharing some of our zesty love with our fellow Moora residents.

Huge thanks to the Central Midlands Agricultural Society and all the volunteers who make the event possible every year. We were honoured to awarded the 2016 Best Commercial Display. We’re already looking forward to a bigger, better and juicier event next year!



My Orange Journal

The students at our local St Joseph’s Primary School spent Term 3 studiously exploring all things citrus! From understanding the production cycle of an orange to extending their juicy vocabulary; from using maths to figure out serving sizes to using oranges for arts and crafts, and perhaps most tasty of all – cooking up a orange-choc-cake storm!

In early September, we welcomed 35 students and 4 amazing adult helpers to the orchard to get a behind the scenes look at what happens on the orchard. The students asked great questions and were very keen to learn about all aspects of growing oranges and mandarins.

IMG_8196       IMG_8197       IMG_8193

They created colourful and very informative workbooks, entitled ‘My Orange Journal’, which featured all of the different citrus-themed activities they had undertaken during the term. It was such a delight reading through each of them to see what the students had learned.

IMG_8187       IMG_8186       IMG_8189

The workbooks and many of the art and craft creations formed part of our display at the Moora Show.


IMG_8181       IMG_8185


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