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What’s the difference between a grade 1, grade 2 and juice grade orange?

Not much, really!

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Our Marketing Manager, Elizabeth Brennan, joined a panel at the WA Food and Drinks Symposium (WAFADS) to yarn about how superficial blemishes and fruit size are downgrading other perfectly high quality oranges… It’s what on the inside that counts!

Former WA editor for Gourmet Traveller, Jane Cornes, emceed the panel which also included Tammi Jonas of Jonai Farms, Nic Giblett of Newton Orchards, Jude Blureau from Wholefood Cooking and Mika Inaba from Fresh Provisions to talk seasonality, sustainability and food wastage.

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WAFADS brought together farmers, producers, chefs, educators and consumers together for a unique, community creating and sustainable food and drink event; with a day long program of talks, panel discussions and workshops. The event sought to start a conversation on the issues that we face as a State, and to discuss them as a community. It’s hoped this will result in improving our food and drink landscape, and strengthening and making the industry we work and consume in more vital.

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The event was 100% crowdfunded by the community through ticket sales and a series of fun food-related events, and was attended by +240 passionate people. Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and supper were created from food that would have otherwise been discarded or had been made during the crowdfunding events. Lunch was even served with edible weeds!

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There were Q&A sessions on mental health in the restaurant industry, short talks on native bush foods, interactive discussions about the history of WA’s alcohol industry, in-depth conversations about the realities of owning a restaurant, candid talks about regional food tourism and panel discussions about the ‘real’ cost of food.

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The program also featured two breakout sessions in which attendees could learn about urban apiary, food media, pasta making, food traditions, beer, reducing waste, pig farming, the chemistry of flavour, alternative farming methods, the history of gin, backyard food gardening, running a restaurant and native bush foods… And that was just the scheduled sessions! The conversations that ensued were even more tasty.

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Moora Citrus donated some juice grade oranges to WAFADS to stimulate tasty discussions about food wastage. We partnered with Liam from Refresh Juice + Cleanse to demo how many oranges in takes to make a glass of OJ = 10 per 365ml! With oodles of oranges leftover, Liam upcycled the juicy love even further by donating our perfect-when-peeled beauties to Food Rescue.

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The two (volunteer!) dynamos behind the huge success of WAFADS, Ai Ling Truong and Katrina Lane, of Food Land Culture have certainly catalysed delicious discussions about our WA food system and all those involved – from farm gate to restaurant plate. Moora Citrus was honoured to be involved in such a landmark event and looks forward to being nourished by the experience and ongoing energy generated from the event for many more meals to come!

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Credit: All photos featured are from a variety of photographers that attended WAFADS. To view the source, click on the individual photo. For more photos of the event, check out #WAFADS on Instagram.


6PRs Taste of the West

Whilst the start of the WA citrus season has been a little later than usual, thanks to Mother Nature keeping us on our toes, the local markets have since been brimming with our early season Navel oranges. One things for sure though, our Imperial mandarins can never come soon enough!

       Tune into 6PR (May 2017)

Our Marketing Manager, Elizabeth Brennan, was up at sunrise for 6PRs Taste of the West segment to talk all things Imperial mandarins and ready the taste buds in time for the scheduled pick in a few weeks time.

Click here to listen to the radio interview.

Moora Citrus