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Industry_imgtopThe Citrus Industry

The citrus industry in Australia is characterised by a large number of smaller sized growers, with over half of all growers having 10 hectares or less in plantings. Approximately three quarters of all citrus is grown within three regions of the Murray – Darling Basin in eastern Australia:

Industry_imgbottomGrowing locally in Western Australia

Western Australia represents less than 10 per cent of the total Australian citrus plantings. Crucially, West
Australian growers are not currently able to meet the demand of the local market, with over half of the
market’s fresh citrus fruit requirements being satisfied by interstate and overseas growers.

Growing locally in Western Australia brings with it some key competitive
advantages for supply to the WA market:

Currently, there are few commercial citrus producers in Western Australia with the ability to supply sufficient volumes to satisfy merchants. A significant opportunity exists for a WA Citrus Producer, supported by key competitive advantages that come with producing fruit locally, to replace interstate citrus product.

Retailers can contact us via this email : retailers@mooracitrus.com.au

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