Our Citrus

Local, tasty & deliciously fresh, our citrus is grown in WA for locals, by locals. Our range includes navels, midknights and mandarins.

Navel Oranges

Navels are everybody’s favourite, classic orange. Identifiable by their belly button end.

They are available from May through to November.

Navel Oranges
Midknight Oranges

Midknight Oranges

Midknights are our summertime variety, bursting with juice.

They are available December through to February.

Imperial Mandarins

Sweet and Juicy, the perfect lunchbox snack.

They are available from May through to July.

Imperial Mandarins

Meet WA’s Marvellous MandyTM

Low seed and easy to peel, proudly grown in WA.

Marvellous Mandy
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Our oranges and mandarins are available in major supermarkets, independent supermarkets and local greengrocers during the season.

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Industry boards and memberships

Working together to grow the WA citrus industry.